Invest in our 6-month Group Mentorship Program and you'll have the foundation to excel and achieve your goals.

Join our Group Mentorship Program today to launch your nursing career with confidence and success!

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Achieve your leadership goals in healthcare with Dr. Bentil

Here's why you can't afford to miss out on this incredible opportunity:

  • Confidence: Say goodbye to self-doubt and embrace newfound confidence as you navigate the complex healthcare system.
  • Networking: Expand your professional network and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for nursing. These connections could be the key to future collaborations, job opportunities, and lifelong friendships.
  • Achievement: Achieve your goals, overcome challenges, and make a lasting impact in healthcare. Define your version of success and strive towards it with unwavering support.

Invest in yourself! 

Your future as a healthcare leader is waiting. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Join our transformative mentorship program today and unlock your full potential as a healthcare leader! 

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In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Transform your career

  • Gain invaluable insights

  • Reach new heights of success

With our program, the possibilities are boundless. You could become a healthcare leader, establish a robust professional network, and confidently tackle the challenges that lie ahead.


Group Mentorhip Program

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Are you ready to take your nursing career to the next level?


Our Group Mentorship Program is not just another educational endeavor; it's a transformative journey that promises to equip you with invaluable assets that will:

  • Shape your career
  • Boost your confidence
  • Launch your future in healthcare

Don't wait, your time is now. Enroll today and embark on an incredible journey of growth, achievement, and success.

Join the ranks of empowered healthcare leaders who have transformed their careers with our program.

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Why Choose Our Group Mentorship Program? 

At the heart of our program are three pillars that will reshape your career and future:

Interactive Discussions

Are you tired of passive learning?

  • Share your insights
  • Gain fresh perspectives
  • Be part of a dynamic network of future leaders

Join a vibrant community of nursing students and novice nurses where interactive discussions fuel innovation and growth.

Personalized Academic Support

Struggling to balance the demands of nursing school? Our mentors provide tailored guidance to ensure your academic success. 

  • Navigate challenges with ease
  • Develop effective time management skills
  • Create a path to excellence in both your studies and personal life

One-on-One Strategy Sessions

Ever wished for direct access to an industry expert? Get exclusive "Ask Dr. Stacy" time. Dr. Stacy Bentil, a renowned expert, will personally guide you on your journey.

  • Get personalized advice
  • Learn career development strategies
  • And unlock your full potential


This Program Is For You If...

  • You are a nursing student or novice nurse looking to advance your career in healthcare

  • You crave personalized guidance and support to succeed in nursing school

  • You are ready to gain insights and advice from an industry expert

  • You are excited to take control of your healthcare career and embrace a transformative journey

  • You are passionate about nursing and determined to become a healthcare leader

Yes, I want to join the program

Meet Dr. Stacy 


Hi there! I'm Dr. Stacy, a nurse leader, coach, and educator with 15+ years of nursing experience and a recent doctorate in Nursing Leadership. I'm here to help nurses like you unlock their leadership potential.

Together, we'll transition from care providers to impactful caregivers, leaving a lasting mark on patients and colleagues. Join me on the path to healthcare excellence!


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