Elevate Your Leadership in Healthcare

Use the skills you already have to transform
your career and lead with confidence.

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Elevate Your Leadership in Healthcare

Use the skills you already have to transform your career and lead with confidence.

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Join us at Bentil Healthcare Consulting and take the first step towards becoming an effective, ethical, and inspirational leader in healthcare. Your journey to exceptional leadership starts here.

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Leadership Development Programs

Boost your leadership skills with our practical training and courses designed for healthcare professionals at all levels.

Coaching and Mentorship

Advance your career, enhance your leadership abilities, and overcome challenges with our coaching and mentorship.

Speaking Engagements

Invite Dr. Stacy Bentil, our leadership expert to inspire and educate your team. Engaging talks about leadership and healthcare topics tailored to your audience.


Increase Your Empathy As A Healthcare Professional

Learn to ask better questions, listen actively, and develop your empathy muscles. Improve patient care, prevent burnout, and enhance communication today. Download now and elevate your healthcare practice!

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At Bentil Healthcare Consulting, we're passionate about transforming healthcare professionals into leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is to deliver excellence through education, ensuring every healthcare provider can shine and deliver exceptional care. Whether you're looking to enhance your leadership skills, gain new insights, or seek professional guidance, you're in the right place. Our diverse services are designed to support your journey at every step.

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I'm Dr. Stacy Bentil

Hi there! I’m Dr. Stacy Bentil, a dedicated Leadership Specialist with over 20 years of experience in healthcare.

I’ve held key roles like Director of Nursing Services and Director of Clinical Operations, where I saw firsthand how effective leadership can transform nursing. My passion is helping nurses discover and develop their leadership skills.

Ready to grow in your nursing career and leadership skills? Join me and together, we’ll help you become a strong nursing leader, making a real difference in patient care and the nursing profession.

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"Dr. Stacy Bentil's mentorship has been a game-changer for me. Her friendly and practical approach helped me develop the confidence to work in my unit with empathy and skill. So many tips and insights that made a huge difference in my work."

- Jen S. RN
Staff Nurse

"The Bentil Leadership Institute is fantastic for anyone looking to move up in their nursing career. Dr. Bentil’s coaching program helped our team improve patient care and make our unit run smoother. "

- Michael T.,
Nurse Manager

"I can’t thank Dr. Stacy enough for her mentorship and support. Her dedication to helping nurse leaders grow is clear in every session. I've gained so much confidence and clarity in my role, and I’m now better equipped to mentor others."

- E. Davis, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Programs and Services

Elevate your healthcare leadership and watch your professional career takeoff.

BLEND Leadership Developmental Program

This self-paced course equips you with essential leadership skills and the confidence to drive positive change in your organization.

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Mentorship Program

This program provides personalized guidance from Dr. Bentil, our experienced leader, to help you advance your careers and achieve their goals.

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Group Coaching Program

For healthcare professionals in teams, classes, or groups, we offer a collaborative environment  to enhance their leadership skills and build networks through interactive sessions.

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If you have specific needs or questions, we’re here to help. Book a call with Dr. Stacy Bentil for personalized assistance and guidance.

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Bentil Leadership Institute

Do you think you have what it takes to LEAD a team? Ready to advance your career and make a REAL impact? At Bentil Leadership Institute, we believe GREAT LEADERS are made, not born. Our leadership development programs are specifically designed for NURSES and ASPIRING NURSES who are ready to take the next step.

Whether you're a nursing student, a new nurse, or an experienced healthcare professional, we offer the tools and support you need to SUCCEED.

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